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Strategy and product-oriented software development services from an on-shore team

About Us

Product Strategy and Architecture

Great products start with a great strategy. We'll help you through both the business and technical decisions you should make before undertaking a software engineering project. Everything from pricing strategy to market segmentation, and from software architecture to deployment infrastructure, we've got you covered. Our team has decades of experience in managing products of all types and sizes in every industry from medical devices, to consumer/industrial electronics, to enterprise and mobile applications.

Software Engineering

We specialize in developing high-quality, usable, and scalable applications with a specific focus on products – software that our customers use to power their own products and services. With capabilities in every aspect of software engineering including architecture, data management, backend systems, cloud infrastructure and optimization, and web and mobile applications, we're a one-stop shop with a fully integrated, on-shore, and highly experienced team.

Medical Devices and Electronics

We've worked with dozens of medical device and electronic manufacturers, adding web and cloud-capabilities to their standalone applications, while maintaining the strict security and privacy requirements required by regulations such as HIPAA. Our experience in regulated industries and formal quality management systems means we can work on anything you've dreamed up.

We create stable & scalable business facing applications while maximizing the Ballmer peak.

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Approaching a new job can simultaneously be both exciting and overwhelming. With this in mind, we keep the process as straightforward as possible; no interview committees with two day long interviews here.

Our goal is to give each potential applicant an opportunity to showcase their skills and talents in a comfortable environment.

Our Process

  1. Submit Your Application

    Fill out our application form below and submit your resume and cover letter. This is our first impression of you and your work.

  2. Introduction Phone Interview

    An engineer on our team will have a 15-20 minute chat with you to understand your work experience and style. We'll use this to make sure there's a good fit.

  3. In Person Interview & Skills Test

    We don't play games with questions on the whiteboard, or theoretical problems you'll never encounter on the job. During our 2-hour practical test, you'll build a very small app that we define. You can use your strongest platform and have full access to an IDE & the internet, just like a normal workday.

  4. You're Hired

    We're high tech – all your paperwork and information is delivered electronically, and all on-boarding steps are done online within hours of accepting an offer.